Monday, July 9, 2012

Day #1

Day One: Complete!
The day started off great with a team building activity with the RIT scavenger hunt. The group I was in  had a great time fooling around with the camera and exploring the HUGE campus! We figured out that with all of the help we received from various employees that we could easily find a bunch of the pictures on the sheet. Well...that wasn't the case whatsoever. Two hours had passes and we had found all of four places in the packet. By the end we found about half of the pictures! After watching all of the videos, I found out that I would not be working in the MRI lab anymore but instead I will be doing biomedical imaging which I am very excited to start learning more about since I am very interested in the medical field! I can't wait to see how day two goes and to start working in the lab!

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