Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Week at CIS

Sorry I have not been on my blog in awhile now! I have been so busy working on my presentation since I have been having technical difficulties with all of my videos not playing on certain computers. Anyways, I have learned so much this week about the background of biological motion and I have found out so many new and interesting things that I would love to research in the near future. I included brief little sections in my presentation about the extra little fun facts that I learned about while reading up on these walkers. I still don't think it has hit me that tomorrow is my last day here! So overall I have had an amazing time at RIT all summer! I want to thank Jeff and Susan for being great advisors and for always helping with our projects and giving great advice. I also want to thank Bob, Bethany, and Joe for putting together such an amazing experience for all of us. Some things I will miss the most is not seeing all of my new friends everyday and google chatting with Jarek and Henry all the time. I am so happy that I got to experience such an amazing program and meet such amazing people through the entire experience!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 30

Today I worked with Jeff and Susan a lot on my presentation and data analysis. My data showed the results that I was expecting but while I was talking to Jeff, I found another way you could take the data but that was only based on my observations since I only had 8 participants in my test I can't actually come to any conclusions. So they are having me write a research paper I guess you could call it and they may possibly look deeper into the topic later in the year. Then the rest of the day I continued to work on my presentation to get ready for Friday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 29

Well look at all of the people from around the world that have looked at my blog!
Lets see, so today I finally started analyzing my data after it took Jeff and me awhile just to open my experiment but then I finally figured it out thankfully...I was getting really nervous at one point! So I used BeGaze to look over my data and my hypothesis came out true! There is a correlation with where you look on the biological figure and how you answer the question. While looking over the entire gaze replay, I also noticed that during the blank slides people that got the answer correct were making similar eye motions as they were throughout the video. Then, this afternoon I met Nick's friends and I think his one friend was messing with me by saying he was his adopted brother but I think he was joking at least that's what Mike said to me. Either way, I still believed him and they were all really nice and cool. Hopefully he reads my blog so he can see that he is famous now! Hi Nick's "brother"!!

Day 28

Today, I worked on collecting data for my presentation to make it more interesting. For the most part I just worked on the powerpoint the entire day. Then I had to leave early to get a little surgery on my hand. Tomorrow I need to start analyzing my data so I can add that to my presentation. Here is a picture from the other day that Bethany took!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 27

Today I continued to work on my powerpoint and taking pictures to make it more interesting. Then I went out to lunch with Bethany, Cassie, Maddie, Sadie, and Kaila. We had a really fun time hanging out and eating yummy food at Chipotle. In the afternoon I spent my time working on my challenge video and taking pictures and video clips for that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 26

Today I got to work really early so that I could once again try to fix my experiment and what I found out is when there are more video clips in the experiment it doesn't allow me to load the experiment. So instead I only end up asking the participant 4 questions instead of the 7. I was able to test all of the interns and a couple of extra people today which added up to 8 participants in total which was the amount that Jeff wanted me to have. Then I went and helped Bethany work with a bunch of really young kids from a summer camp. We did some really cool stuff like taking a part a reusable camera.I also went to a quick meeting with the MVRL people and a couple of people from Sweden to discuss our projects and the textbook. I thought it was interesting to hear what type of research they are doing back at home. Overall it was a pretty crazy day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 25

Today was a very busy day for me and I got a lot accomplished. As of Friday I couldn't test people because my experiment had an XML document error which wouldn't let me load the experiment. So this morning I worked with Jeff and Dong on the SMI trying to figure out why exactly the error is showing up. We came to the conclusion that the avi files may have only worked for macs so I had to convert all of the video clips to wmv files. While waiting for everything to load, I worked a lot on my powerpoint presentation for next Friday and started looking for extra data clips I can add to it. Hopefully everything will be going well when I start testing people on the SMI in the morning...fingers crossed!