Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 26

Today I got to work really early so that I could once again try to fix my experiment and what I found out is when there are more video clips in the experiment it doesn't allow me to load the experiment. So instead I only end up asking the participant 4 questions instead of the 7. I was able to test all of the interns and a couple of extra people today which added up to 8 participants in total which was the amount that Jeff wanted me to have. Then I went and helped Bethany work with a bunch of really young kids from a summer camp. We did some really cool stuff like taking a part a reusable camera.I also went to a quick meeting with the MVRL people and a couple of people from Sweden to discuss our projects and the textbook. I thought it was interesting to hear what type of research they are doing back at home. Overall it was a pretty crazy day!

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