Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 29

Well look at all of the people from around the world that have looked at my blog!
Lets see, so today I finally started analyzing my data after it took Jeff and me awhile just to open my experiment but then I finally figured it out thankfully...I was getting really nervous at one point! So I used BeGaze to look over my data and my hypothesis came out true! There is a correlation with where you look on the biological figure and how you answer the question. While looking over the entire gaze replay, I also noticed that during the blank slides people that got the answer correct were making similar eye motions as they were throughout the video. Then, this afternoon I met Nick's friends and I think his one friend was messing with me by saying he was his adopted brother but I think he was joking at least that's what Mike said to me. Either way, I still believed him and they were all really nice and cool. Hopefully he reads my blog so he can see that he is famous now! Hi Nick's "brother"!!

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